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organic traffic

+230% for EZ-Access

We revamped EZ-Access website and our talent boosted their traffic to over 70,000 visitors per month.

organic traffic

+1,745% for Taylorview Dental

We took an old, outdated dental website from zero traffic to over 1,300 monthly local site visitors and tons of new patients.

organic traffic

+272% for Alpine Castle Lake Insurance

This local insurance company had a stagnant ranking with a site generating almost no leads. This changed in just a few months.

organic traffic

+351% for Prodigy Pest Solutions

Prodigy is now seeing a huge influx of new customer calls after our talent took their traffic to over 2,000 monthly local site visitors.

organic traffic

+196% for The Cookie Place (TCP)

As at talent onboarding, TCP was getting less than 300 monthly site visitors. Now they get over 5,500 every month. That's a lot of cookies!

organic traffic

1,300+ local traffic for 417 Pest

A new site and no presence when talent onboarded. Now they can't keep up with new customer calls.

Hire Vetted Talents

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Hire Vetted Talents

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